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Sharon Van Etten – Every Time the Sun Comes Up

‘I washed your dishes but I shit in your bathroom’

Never one to mince her words, Sharon Van Etten there expressing a sentiment we all feel at times.

Just appreciate me more.

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DIANA / Perpetual Surrender

If you can get past the name being a clear reference to a sex position then you’re in for a banger. The dream pop ghostly vocals and three note keyboard guy are all here, but its set against a jazzy backdrop and an offbeat tempo which is sure to lead to some cunt somewhere declaring this a new genre.

To be fair to Diana a lot of these new fangled genres do sound like dirty street drugs, the ‘dream pop’, ‘grind core’, ‘new wave’,
the ‘screwball’. Its going downhill.

Mother was right. All this new music, like video-games and interracial relationships, are absolute filth

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Bloc Party – Montreal

The most sensitive black man in music is back with another club banger. Don’t be a stranger.

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Hospital Ships – If it speaks

Here’s the lovely Hospital Ships with a fantastic Arcade Fire rip off.

Who says derivative and lazy music can’t be enjoyable?

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Speedy Ortiz – No Below

1145 views at the time of posting, now that’s cutting-fucking-edge.

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Jason Isbell – Live Oak

Some people say country music is shit, country music is for fat, sweaty hillbillies and racists, country music makes me physically sick, country music makes me want to take a shit on the american flag and wave it around my head screaming ‘mashallah brother, mahshallah’.

And to those people I say:
You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion and a society grows based on its tolerance of opposing ideas. If we were all a bit more understanding of our differences in thought and in ideas we could help improve the world day to day, albeit in small ways.

That being said, fuck off you dopey cunt.

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Ghost Loft – So High

If ever you find yourself with a ghost in your loft, get this cunt on the blower.
He’ll sort you right out.

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The Velvet Underground- Heroin

I don’t support drugs, unless it’s heroin.

It’s awfully moorish.

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Phoenix – Bourgeois

You may have noticed that the YouTube description states that the poster is in no way associated with the band phoenix and that the video is for entertainment purposes only.  We however here at telecaster masters would like to inform you that we are very fucking associated with the band phoenix.

Uncomfortably so.

Not just Phoenix, but all the musicians that we have posted.  Our Magna Carta states that any music posted is purely for political and revolutionary purposes, bringing down great nations, general anarchy and such.

Just to clear things up.

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