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DIANA / Perpetual Surrender

If you can get past the name being a clear reference to a sex position then you’re in for a banger. The dream pop ghostly vocals and three note keyboard guy are all here, but its set against a jazzy backdrop and an offbeat tempo which is sure to lead to some cunt somewhere declaring this a new genre.

To be fair to Diana a lot of these new fangled genres do sound like dirty street drugs, the ‘dream pop’, ‘grind core’, ‘new wave’,
the ‘screwball’. Its going downhill.

Mother was right. All this new music, like video-games and interracial relationships, are absolute filth

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Hans Zimmer – You’re so Cool

I can’t find anything new worth uploading; so here is a 11minute repeat of you’re so cool by Hans Zimmer.

What would Jesus do?

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Quantic – Not So Blue

So what if it’s 11 years old, I am resting on my laurels you fucking cunts.

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Portico Quartet – Ruins

Chamber Jazz at it’s finest.

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