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Phoenix – Bourgeois

You may have noticed that the YouTube description states that the poster is in no way associated with the band phoenix and that the video is for entertainment purposes only.  We however here at telecaster masters would like to inform you that we are very fucking associated with the band phoenix.

Uncomfortably so.

Not just Phoenix, but all the musicians that we have posted.  Our Magna Carta states that any music posted is purely for political and revolutionary purposes, bringing down great nations, general anarchy and such.

Just to clear things up.

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The Radio Dept – Never Follow Suit

Sweden is apparently the best governed country in the world.

So why do they let all all those damn Swedes in?

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DIIV – Follow

If you take the first letter from each of the last 8 posts it spells out “hsmm wksh” which is Icelandic for “insolent”.

Are we Christ reborn?  Do we descend and unify all religion from our teachings?  Are we slightly confused about what religion is?

I can’t answer those questions.

But the answer is yes.

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Wild Nothing – Ocean Repeating

This is exactly what annoys me every time I go scuba diving, big breasted mermaids turn up and scare off all the fish, catastrophe.

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King Krule – Out Getting Ribs

This little ginger nut was only 16 when he wrote this song, that impresses me greatly.

At 16, most of my time was spent in my room alternating between contemplating the futility of life and fumbling with my undercarriage.

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Pond – Giant Tortoise

I heard someone say watching Pond live was like being hit in the face but in a good way.

I see them more as an aggressive cuddle; like the PE teacher used to give you after class on penis inspection day.

Every thursday was PID at our school, nonetheless I’m still not quite sure the head teacher knew about it.

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Suuns – 2020

The kind of music that makes you want to vomit and be sick at the same time.

We’re so rad for posting this!

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Light Heat – And the Birds

Some bands start off mediocre,

some bands achieve mediocrity,

and some bands have mediocrity thrust upon them.

Light Heat are all three.

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Foxygen – No Destruction

You are beloved dear reader, don’t ever think otherwise!

This is for you.

I’m writing this in the bath oxox

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