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DIANA / Perpetual Surrender

If you can get past the name being a clear reference to a sex position then you’re in for a banger. The dream pop ghostly vocals and three note keyboard guy are all here, but its set against a jazzy backdrop and an offbeat tempo which is sure to lead to some cunt somewhere declaring this a new genre.

To be fair to Diana a lot of these new fangled genres do sound like dirty street drugs, the ‘dream pop’, ‘grind core’, ‘new wave’,
the ‘screwball’. Its going downhill.

Mother was right. All this new music, like video-games and interracial relationships, are absolute filth

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Brothertiger – Wind at my Back

“She is consuming fire” he told me,

“and I have been scorched – oh, so often”

I sympathised; she had urged me on in love making with a hairbrush, but with him it had been a dog-whip, and he was a frail sort of a fellow, you know.

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Ducktails – Letter of Intent

Wouldn’t it be funny if the royal baby was black?

No, not really.

You are the racist.


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Ghost Loft – So High

If ever you find yourself with a ghost in your loft, get this cunt on the blower.
He’ll sort you right out.

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Appaloosa – Fill the Blanks

Why are you reading this?

I can’t tell you anything.

If you’d like, consider this a intimate moment we’ve just shared.

Now fuck off I’m busy.

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Beach House – The Hours

Life is like a box of chocolates, except the chocolates are gone off and the box has been stolen and you’re sitting there crying, empty-handed, wishing some cunt would come and end it all.

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DIIV – Follow

If you take the first letter from each of the last 8 posts it spells out “hsmm wksh” which is Icelandic for “insolent”.

Are we Christ reborn?  Do we descend and unify all religion from our teachings?  Are we slightly confused about what religion is?

I can’t answer those questions.

But the answer is yes.

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Múm – Sing Along

I just realised that how proud someone is of their country is negatively correlated to how proud their country is of them.

Damn you Nigel Farage, you imbecile!

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Wild Nothing – Ocean Repeating

This is exactly what annoys me every time I go scuba diving, big breasted mermaids turn up and scare off all the fish, catastrophe.

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Still Corners – Beatcity

Yeah, I admit to double posting.

What are you going to do disappear me?

That doesn’t make sense.

It’s isn’t even good grammar.

Shut up and listen to the song.


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