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Destroyer – Chinatown

I love China and all the Chinamen and Chinamenwomen in it.  I love their black hair and sweaty, irritable bowel syndrome- inducing food.

But what I don’t love is the ‘Chinatown’ in London.

It’s not a town is it? It’s barely a novelty street, don’t fucking lie to me.

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J Dilla – Time: The Donut of the Heart

You may have heard of Detroit, the largest city in the state of Michigan; this city excels in many departments: gun crime, homicides, unemployment, the list goes on.

What you may be slightly more interested in, dear reader, is that the city has been producing some of the best hip hop artists for the last few decades.

One of them is J Dilla who, despite dying way too young, managed to sample and chop his way into hippidy hop history.

Sample here

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Sean Nicholas Savage – More Than I Love Myself

Stare into his eyes.

Now use his eyes to look back into your own eyes.

It’s finally happened, you’re about to give birth.

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Rhye – Open


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