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Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight

Courtesy must go to fellow music luminary, Karl Pilkington, for opening up a whole new perspective on this song for me:

The voice of the song is a little cripple. He’s wheelchair-bound. And his woman’s trying her best to take good care of him as she drags him along to a party.

Mind Blown.

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The Smiths – Back To The Old House

This is the best song ever written.

And if you don’t agree, well then, you can just sit there in your chair with your own face and opinions and know that I love you anyway.

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Sean Nicholas Savage – More Than I Love Myself

Stare into his eyes.

Now use his eyes to look back into your own eyes.

It’s finally happened, you’re about to give birth.

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Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work

Bringing the tone down because I fucking can.

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