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The Velvet Underground- Heroin

I don’t support drugs, unless it’s heroin.

It’s awfully moorish.

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Stone Roses – Fools Gold

With the new documentary by ‘This is England’ director Shane meadows being released next week, here is a little reminder why it’s a must see.

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Destroyer – Chinatown

I love China and all the Chinamen and Chinamenwomen in it.  I love their black hair and sweaty, irritable bowel syndrome- inducing food.

But what I don’t love is the ‘Chinatown’ in London.

It’s not a town is it? It’s barely a novelty street, don’t fucking lie to me.

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Badlands – Sleeping Beauty

It was either this or a cover of Daft Punk’s get lucky.

Still can’t decide…

Nah, really, piss off.

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Phoenix – Bourgeois

You may have noticed that the YouTube description states that the poster is in no way associated with the band phoenix and that the video is for entertainment purposes only.  We however here at telecaster masters would like to inform you that we are very fucking associated with the band phoenix.

Uncomfortably so.

Not just Phoenix, but all the musicians that we have posted.  Our Magna Carta states that any music posted is purely for political and revolutionary purposes, bringing down great nations, general anarchy and such.

Just to clear things up.

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