Savages – Husbands

Sometimes life just gets you down and you feel like you want to end it all.

Your mum makes you the wrong sandwich, your PS3 stops working, maybe you even have to get up early on a Sunday to visit that aunt, you know the one that smells funny and who you don’t really like, and lets be honest she probably thinks your a cunt too.

Times like these is when you need to get angry. Real angry. And remember, everybody is wrong but you.


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2 thoughts on “Savages – Husbands

  1. Misterstamps says:

    Yes! Everything I’ve heard from these women has been exceptionally good. Probably wouldn’t be my first choice for anger music, but I love to see what people reach for when they’re in a pissed off way.

  2. Jen says:

    Another cool punk band is INVSN. Check them out!

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