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Trust – Sulk

And bringing it right back up again. Diverse.

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Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work

Bringing the tone down because I fucking can.

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Chromatics – Ceremony

You have no respect for excessive authority or obsolete traditions. You’re dangerous and depraved, and you ought to be taken outside and shot!

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Gliss – Weight of Love

Consider this a moment you and I have just shared betwixt us.

The warm air is debilitating, the pool cool and refreshing.

My insides are leaking like a muddy tap, why does drinking pool water always give me the shits?

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Echopark – Teleportation


(Free download

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Kurt Vile – Never Run Away

Another club banger from Kurty Vile.

God I hope he never runs away.

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Indians – Reality Sublime

It’s from 4AD records but Juul is no Bon Iver, that fat little cunt.

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Weird Dreams – Hurt so Bad

You can almost smell it, it doesn’t smell good.

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Mystical Weapons – Colony Collapse Disorder

Well, here is Colony Collapse Disorder, enjoy…

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Blue Hawaii – Follow

For the free thinkers amongst us, the mavericks and the agents of change.

No, this is just for you.

Stop wasting my time.

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